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Steven Turner

Dear Friends,

We at Gesher Galicia are thrilled to present for our members an exciting presentation by Ms. Jennifer Mendelsohn, one of the true all-stars on the genealogy circuit today,

Jennifer is just an example of some of the talent we have within our membership. She is a proud Galitzianer with two grandparents from the province with connections to the city of Krakow and the towns of Bolechow and Sniatyn. Jennifer is a seasoned journalist and ghostwriter whose work has appeared in numerous local and national publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, People, Slate, and USA Today.

DNA has the potential to be an essential and exciting genealogical tool. But many Eastern European Jewish testers find their DNA results completely Overwhelming and unnavigable. Based on the popular 2017 Medium piece that has garnered more than 100,000 views, this talk will help those with Ashkenazi heritage learn to make sense of their DNA results. We'll cover why our match lists are so large, (hello, endogamy!) why all our matches seem to match each other (endogamy, again!), and how to spot the meaningful matches and separate them from the faux ones. Using real-life examples of DNA success, you'll learn techniques that will help you learn to work effectively with DNA to expand your tree.

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For more information on how to work with Ashkenazi Jewish DNA please see the tutorials in the December 2020 edition of The Galitzianer.

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We hope that you are enjoying this series that is just another benefit of your Gesher Galicia membership. Please stay tuned because we have a very exciting lineup of presenters to follow.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia 

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