Seeking records for Szepes Co. #slovakia


I am researching a KLAUS family who lived in various locations in Szepes County, Hungary, including Jurgow, Hunfalu/Huncovce and possibly Poprad and Kesmark from at least the 1830s to the 1880s. I feel that I have mined all the records from JG and LDS at this point, including the 1848 Jewish census. I understand that the 1869 census did not cover all Szepes Co. Jewish communities (e.g., Poprad). Does anyone have any suggestions where else records for Szepes county may be found? Is there anything new on or off line that is available? Any crowdsourcing ideas? "I hate to think I am at a dead end rather than a brick wall!"
Alisa Klaus
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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