Researching the family of Emil DAMMANN in Berlin #germany #holocaust


I'm researching the family of Emil Dammann (1871-1937) and his wife Agnes Mosheim Dammann (1886-1936). Emil was a private banker in Berlin (Emil Dammann & Co, established 1906) and eventually lived in a fine villa in the Grunewald neighborhood of Berlin (Wissmannstrasse 17). I have a good grip on the Mosheim line from Eldagsen, Germany, but have been unable to determine Emil's parents. Since he was a successful private banker, perhaps his family had done that before him. His wife Agnes was the daughter of a private banker in Eldagsen, and her mother, Adele, was a Dammann from Gehrden, so perhaps that is where Emil came from, though I have not been able to establish this. Their three sons, Egon, Guenther and Joachim, were all victims of the Holocaust in 1941 and 1942. The JewGen family tree for them lists another child, Lau, born before 1915, but I cannot confirm this (and it does not list Joachim). Any help on how to make progress would be appreciated!
Richard Hatch
Providence, Utah

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