LAZARUS BLACK born in Russia 1881 lived in LIverpool #unitedkingdom #russia

richard casson

Re Lazarus Black born in Russia in 1881 Lived in Liverpool(UK).

Can anyone advise me what happened to him. I can find no marriage or a
death records for him.

He was the son of Yisrael Yitzhak ben Eliezer Schwartzberg (Black) who
was a writer and humorist who sometimes used the pseudonym Yshai Ish
Montenegro and had book published in Manchester in 1903 titled The Paths
of Judaism by Israel Isaac Black. Isaac died in Liverpool on 19 Feb 1932
and is buried in Rice Lane Cemetery.

Lazarus Black is mentioned on the Census records for 1891 and 1901 but
for some reason is missing off the 1911 Census as living with his
parents (Isaac/Esther)/siblings at 138 Crown Street although the
Liverpool Electoral records for 1904 to 1915 have him down as living at
that address. The number of children on the 1911 Census is correct -
there had been 8 - one called Drinka had died and 6 others were showing
excluding Lazarus.

The Lazarus Black I'm researching must not be confused with his first
cousin Lazarus Black son of David (Isaac's brother) who was born in West
Derby, Liverpool in 1881 who married Freda Soloman in Liverpool 1906
and died in 1953 and was buried in Long Lane cemetery, Liverpool.
Certain people have got the two Lazarus Blacks mixed up on Family Trees
posted on Ancestry.

Richard Casson(Manchester,UK)
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