Re: New Find Raises Questions about Family Name: #poland #names

Phil Karlin

I have the exact situation in the Yaffe branch of my family. I had from a naturalization the month and year of arrival. I could not find any Yaffe's who arrived at that time, so I just brute force starting going through manifests, and I found a family named Preiskel, perfect analogs in first names and ages. They were headed to brother in law A. Hurwitz in New Haven, which clinched it for me. A JewishGen search of Lithuanian records brought up a 6 birth records and 3 death records, with town of origin and other info. It had been their name for at least 20 years at time of arrival.
My question is whether my GGF had always been a Preiskel, or if it had been the re-adoption of the Yaffe name, from childhood or a prior generation.

I have that situation in a more distant branch of the tree. My 3GGF Karlin had a brother who changed his name to Verebyofsky, possibly to avoid the draft. His grandchildren came to America and changed their names back to Karlin.

3rd version in my tree: a cousin in the Apter branch who came to Hartford, where there were already lots of Apters. His mother had been an Apter. He came as Menasche Rapp, and became Max Apter. The better to fit in and take advantage of family connections, I think.

Phil Karlin
Hartford, CT USA

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