Seeking help to locate Prussia ancestor’s family town 1830s #germany #poland


Hi everyone. I’m looking for help on the best way to locate my great grandfather, Marcus LANSKEY’s home town or province. I’m having difficulty because his location of birth is listed in the US Census as PreuBen, Prussia, Poland or Germany, depending on the date of the census. I’m guessing this is because the territory has changed multiple times. Here is what I know:

Surname: LANSKEY
Given Name: Marcus
Birth: 1834
Death: 1915, Newark NJ
Married Sarah Richards 4/30/1862 Newark, NJ
Had 3 children: George, Virginia, Ada
Census shows US date of arrival as either 1850 or 1854

1860 Census:Marcus Lanskie from PreuBen. It looks like he was a boarder.

Civil War Draft Card: 1863-65
Shows place of birth as Germany

1870 Census: Marcus Lansky
Place of birth listed as Prussia

1880 Census: Macus Lauskey
Place of birth listed as Poland

1900-1915 Census: 
Shows place of birth as Germany

I have been unable to locate the 1890 Census or US Immigration records.


1. Do the dates that the place of birth are listed as PreuBen, Prussia, Poland and Germany give you any information on what modern day country the province would be located in?

2. When I’m researching, should I be researching in Poland or Germany? Is there any specific locality in each country I should search?

Note: I have ordered Marcus’s death certificate from the NJ State Archives and I’m hoping it might give me his parents names or locality. His headstone is very simple and just reads “Father, Marcus Lanskey, 1934-1915. There is no Hebrew wording.

Thank you in advance.

Carrielynn Apgar
Albany, New York


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