UK Marriage Authorisation Interpretation Questions and Translation Request #unitedkingdom

Aaron Slotnik


I've just received a UK marriage authorisation that I am seeking assistance interpreting from others who have more experience with these documents.  A few questions:

  • Do the Hebrew names listed here need to be halachically accurate as they would on the ketubah?
  • What does the notation/abbreviation mean in the 'Married before' field?  It seems to be related to the note in the 'Special Remark' field which appears to use the same notation/abbreviation which says "Married at ? Jan 7 / 1902".
  • What is the name of the synagogue which appears to be 'E.L'?
  • What is the practical significance of the presence and/or absence of brothers' names and 'will attend wedding' fields?  For example, I assume that names written there confirm the groom had brothers with those names but would a name not written there mean he didn't have a brother with that name?  I believe this man had a brother named Mendel, but he doesn't seem to be listed.

If anyone else has additional thoughts on the Hebrew translations or would like to review the document, I've posted it to ViewMate at the following address:

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Aaron Slotnik
Chicago, IL USA

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