Second try: How do I make a payment to a Ukrainian Archive? #ukraine #translation


Hi Siggers,
   Thank you to those who already responded to my first post on this. However when I tried to open the document that was attached I got an error message. Someone told me to get rid of the Cyrillic in the document title so that is what I did and am trying again. I hope you can see the document. Here was the original message:
   Recently I sent for the death record of my great-grandfather and received the attached invoice.
I do not speak Ukrainian and I cannot figure out how to go about making the payment.
  My bank tells me that in order to make a wire transfer I need the bank's Swift number and their address. Additionally I need the organization's name, address, and account number.
  So my questions are:  Are all these things on the invoice and which is which?
  Also, my bank wants to charge me $35 for the wire transfer whereas the invoice is for only about $4. Does anyone know a less expensive way to send the money? When I googled about it MoneyGram came up. Does anyone have experience with them? Would I need all the same info?
  Thanks in advance for your help.
Larry Bassist

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