Kra family in Paris #france #general

Joyce Rangen

I’m trying to locate information on Simon Kra (1853-1940) and his family. Simon was born in Frankfurt but moved to Paris and was a successful publisher there. I don’t know his wife’s name, but they were my maternal grandmother’s uncle and aunt.

My grandmother was Blanche (Cohn) Bell (1891-1975). Her parents were David Cohn (1855-1928) and Hedwig (Meyer) Cohn (1865-1944). I don’t know if it is Simon Kra or his wife who were related to either David or Hedwig Cohn.

Simon Kra and his wife had three children. The son, Lucien, was killed at Auschwitz along with his family. There were two daughters. Helene Marcelle Kra (1900-1972), and Suzanne Kra.


Joyce Rangen

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