Re: UK Marriage Authorisation Interpretation Questions and Translation Request #unitedkingdom

Derek Stavrou

Hello Aaron
Thanks for raising the subject of US Marriage Authorisations, particularly since it prompted Richard Gilbert's very helpful reply.  May I take advantage of this opportunity to raise a supplementary question about US marriage authorisations?   My great-uncle Lewis LEVY married Dorothy NEWTON (otherwise NATHAN) at Whitechapel Register Office in 1912;  his younger brother  Alfred (my maternal grandfather) married Rachel MOSS at Hackney Register Office in 1913.  Both couples had children in the following years.  And both couples went on to have religious marriages at the East London Synagogue: Lewis in May 1917, five years after their civil marriage, and Alfred in November 1915, two years after the civil ceremony.
My question is why would these long-married couples apply for religious authorisations so long after their civil marriages? Could it be connected to the conscription legislation in Britain during the Great War? (Both brothers were subsequently conscripted).

With thanks for any ideas anyone may have

Derek Stavrou
Kfar Sava, Israel


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