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Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"I am looking to purchase a new Genealogy program compatible with Windows 10. I would like it to be able to make Family Trees for 8 to 10 generations with both ancestors and descendants. Making Family Group Charts is also needed. I also would like a place to record notes. And I would like it to show relationships. And be capable of putting children in order of age. And scan for duplicates and errors. A plus if it allows recording of same sex marriages. I don’t want to post on the Internet. A plus also if it can create a book from the information"

I use Legacy Family Tree. It is very easy to use and has all that you need. Events can record whatever you want. I'm not sure of same sex marriages, but it will notify you of a 'possible error' if it finds one - so it must. There are lots of 'possible errors' for gaps between children or children born too long after the marriage - my ggrandmother was one of 20 children born to her parernts, so I got those a lot. You can dismiss them.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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