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Alexander Sharon


It appears that there is good information on Kudrynce castle but little on the shtetl itself, beside the statistical data.
 I've been trying to follow historical data of the past landowners of the the Kudrynce castle (Herburts, Humnieckis and Bartfelds) but there is not too much on line.

Second part of 19th century: 2,3i5 residents in Kudrynce parish, 123 residents in Kudrynce folwark (farming)
BTW, Kudrynce are divided to shtetl and Kudrynce Gorne (Upper) and Kudrynce Dolne (Lower) 
1900, Austro-Hungarian census - 2,480 total number of residents, 598 (!) Jews
1921, Poland first census - 1,693 residents, including 52 Jews

BTW, I've noticed new entries for Kudryntsy in JGFF database made just this month, it includes entry for the researched by you family name but it spelled a bit differently: Wexelblatt.
JGFF data for Kudryntsy includes 19 entries by 13 researchers.


Alexander Sharon
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