IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ The JewishGen Discussion Group: How to avoid having your message rejected! #JewishGenUpdates

Phil Goldfarb

On behalf of the JewishGen Discussion Group Moderators, thank you very much for all your posts. We are ahead of last year’s messages for the first two months by 570 posts and the month of February isn’t even over! However, we have seen an increase in rejected messages recently that can easily be remedied by following two simple rules.

  1. The number one reason for message rejection is the lack of a full name as per the Discussion Group Guidelines. main@... | Guidelines  Because it’s not an anonymous forum, we require each posting and reply to have a “signature,” that is the first and last name of the sender. While optional, members might also like to know what your city of residence is and the country that you are from. You may also wish to add your e-mail address after your name for a personal response (see #2 below).  In addition, you might want to create an automatic signature including surnames that you are searching so you don’t have to remember and type at the end of your message every time. You can do that by going to: :
  2. The number two reason why messages are rejected is that your reply message is personal for an individual as opposed to it being of interest to the entire Discussion Group. Ask yourself before replying to a post: Is your message of interest to all 19,500 members or is it just for a specific person? We have attached directions on how to send a message back directly to an individual as opposed to the entire Discussion Group (the default) if that person did not include their e-mail address. As you will note, the individual reply method depends on how you receive your messages. Do you get them in the Daily Summary Format (once a day-80% of members utilize this method) or the Full Feature Digest Format (group up to 12 messages sent to you several times a day).

If you have any questions, please let us know or contact support@....

Thank you for your attention in helping you avoid having your message rejected and sent back to you.


Phil Goldfarb

Lead Moderator, JewishGen Discussion Group

President, JGS of Tulsa



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