Re: Looking for lists of immigrants to Palestine from 1927 onwards #austria-czech #general #israel

Diane Jacobs

Yes, I would love the answer to do this from about 1924 - 1940.
Thanks, Diane jacobs
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I think I asked this before but have lost the information. How would I find lists of immigrants to Palestine from 1927 onwards? I am looking for possible survivors of my mother's birth family (she was adopted in Vienna), on the basis that her eldest sibling Josef Jakob Horoschowski was planning to emigrate from Vienna to Palestine in 1927, with one of his other sisters (possible Chaje Sarah b. 1910).
Veronica Zundel, London
Searching descendants of Josef Jakob Horoschowski b. 1905 Drohobych

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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