Re: Second try: How do I make a payment to a Ukrainian Archive? #ukraine #translation

alan moskowitz

I had responded previously with some comments.   You might try the following:   Using google translate, write a message in english and it will be translated into Ukrainian.   Reply to the archives.  Tell them it is difficult to pay them directly and ask if someone can provide a personal email address for you to send payment.  Transferwise can send payments cheaply to a personal email address. The receiving person will link that email to their personal bank, then receive payment and then they can pay the invoice.  You might look up the director of that particular archive online, and put Attention:  director XXX in the subject line.  This is an easy way to proceed, and since your invoice is very cheap, there is little risk to you.   Otherwise you will need to contact a bank in the Ukraine to handle this.  You can do a bit of searching using Google Chrome which will translate websites for you, and then email the invoice with a message in Ukrainian.  I would suggest in both cases, to put the English translation in your message  -just so you will know what you sent, and perhaps someone on the receiving end will benefit as well, and respond in English. Good Luck!

Alan Moskowitz

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