Re: Emigration from the UK to the US #records


Much the same here, I have families who split went to USA and one stayed in UK, I can only find 1 record for a neutralisation in USA, they all travelled in early 1900. Been on a long journey myself looking - told a few weeks ago by a kind gent on here that the UK didn't have many records at all for incoming as they assumed most would just land and then go elsewhere. I can suggest though if you are on Ancestry to do a search with the beginning of the surname and end it with * as this will then bring up an array of spellings (and mistakes in spellings), also don't just look at the records straight from the search, look at original document that you can 'view' I found a couple with 3 different variations of the spelling of mine.

Good luck
Mandy Molava
Researching Brest Belarus Galacia Grodno and much more!

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