Re: Need help translating Hebrew on gravestones & memorial plaques #names #translation

Valentin Lupu

Here are the translations, in the same order. I didn't translate the Hebrew dates. "Ben" means son of, "bat" means daughter. Reb is only an honorific term it doesn't mean Rabbi.
  • Abraham Zelig ben Velvel
  • Chaia Rachel bat Yehoshua
  • Liber ben Schnior
  • Here lies Pascha bat Tzvi HaCohen
  • Pessal bat Herschel Tzvi HaCohen
  • Sarah bat Yehuda
  • Here lies our dear father Tevie ben Reb Tzvi Hirsch
  • Our dear mother Mrs. Deba Dvorah bat Reb Yaakov
  • Dvorah bat Yaakov
  • Gitel bat Reb Meir Halevi
  • Our dear father Tzvi ben Yishaia
  • Tzvi ben Yishayahu
  • Yaakov ben Tzvi
  • Chaim Leib ben Reb Avraham Zelig

Valentin Lupu

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