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Correct town name is Malaszewicze, Poland. Place is indeed located within 4 miles SSW distance from Terespol. Village was subdivides into two separate entities: Malaszewicze Wielkie (Large) and Malaszewicze Male (Little). During WWI about one thousand Jewish slave labours were forced to work on the construction of Luftwaffe airfield in Malaszewicze. Following the end of construction work, all Jewish slave labours have been killed in the nearby Kobylany.

Beside the JGFF Gazetteer entry for the village there is also single entry for Malaszewicze made in 2000 by researcher # 2002 for the surname Cheskes

Surname Town Country Last Updated Researcher (JGID Code)
Cheskes Malaszewicze Poland 7 Nov 2000 Click HERE to contact Researcher #2002

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