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You should not assume that just because someone added a name to a Rowno memorial in a New York cemetery, that they lived in NY.  Landsmen
kept in touch.  Have you checked for a Yizkor book for Rowno to find other family names?  If you go to (a free web site)  you will find that an Ide Saginur from Rowno, sailing from Latvia, arrived in NYC in 1913. His naturlaization card in 1922 is in Michigan and lists alternate names of Ide Liev, Jude and Louis, which was apparently the name he was using in the US - and posibly the full name of Louis Saginaw.   There are also many listings for Saginur on Ancestry - in the US, many in Canada, across the US, and refugee listing, including Brazil.  It would require some research, but you could probably track down present day family members.   
Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

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