Re: Old lineages #general

michele shari

Adam Cherson has used extensive DNA testing through Y DNA from FTDNA and traced my Farkas family, of which the men are cohanim back to several rabbinical lines and Babylonian gaonim. Although I have to catch up on the latest findings it is quite extensive research and it is ongoing through a group on FTDNA. I had my uncle's Y DNA tested and also signed up for any groups on FTDNA for contact. Adam contacted me to join his research and sends regular updates. His knowledge is amazing and he has helped me sort out many things on my tree. The only thing I had to do was upgrade my uncle's Y DNA testing which I decided to upgrade to the Y 700 (which I found on a great sale) but there were less expensive options. It is amazing what they can find on DNA from medicine to genealogy!
Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)
Researching Farkas, Taiszig, Izsak from Romania and Hungary; Stauber, Davidovici, Herstik, Teszler from Romania

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