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It is not clear exactly what information you are looking for.  Ancestors of Esther or descendants or both including extended relations such as Hattie Shapira.

Esther married 3 Sept. 1907.  There is an very long article on the wedding in the 4 Sept. 1907 Winnipeg Tribune. source:
Prior to 1907, Esther is living in the household of David Ripstein. 
On the 1901 Census (Ripstine):  Ester M Rjelskoskri age 18, b. Sweden 7 Mar. 1882 and Isaac Rjelskoskri age 17 b. Sweden 19 Sept. 1893.  It is possible the "R" is a "B".  Both Ester and Isaac immigrated 1900.
On the 1906 census (Ripstein):  Ester Beyalen age 23 b. Sweden, imm. 1897.  Max Buyalen age 22 b. Sweden, imm. 1898.

I also found a US declaration of intent for Sarah Bjalin, wife of Sam in San Francisco, California.  This has the marriage date in Gotenberg for her and Sam and also gives his DOB/place and lists children and where born. Ancestry has a 22 Oct. 1899 marriage record for Moses Sandal Bjalogarsky to Sarah Schwartzberg in Gotenberg.  IN addition, there are birth records for some children as well as passenger lists.  Sometimes Bjalogarsky doesn't appear as the surname in some of the records, but Josefson.  Worth checking out records on Ancestry for Sweden.

There are a lot of directions you could go to research this family.  I suggest you start w/ which is free.  Many public libraries have subscriptions to Ancestry and you should check your local  library.  I found some records on familysearch and some on Ancesty.  Ancestry seems more likely to have originals in addition to transcriptions but that's  not always the case.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI, USA

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