big city weddings in Orthodox families #hungary #general #lithuania #warsaw

Elise Miller

We have all seen the (unfortunate) outdoor wedding in the Fiddler shtetl. But what about Orthodox families in big, sophisticated cities of the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
Since women could not come down from the galleries to be brides, where did the families hold the actual ceremonies? I am assuming the receptions were held at home, or for those who could afford it, in rented rooms or at restaurants. Or did Orthodox synagogues have social halls then? 

I'm writing family stories based on my gen research, and am focused on Nagyvarad, Hungary (today Oradea, Romania); also cities in Poland and Lithuania. 

If you know where weddings and receptions took place, please reply!  Thank you!
Elise Miller
San Mateo, CA

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