Re: Old lineages #general


Most of these kinds of discussions are totally meaningless.  From the Spanish Inquisition to now (say 1500 to 2000) is roughly 20 generations. Let's say 15 generations to be conservative. 

In 15 generations an average person (assuming an average number of children of 4 -- again a conservative estimate) will have roughly 1,431,655,764 descendants. 

So even one oral family story, if carried down over that time, would involve literally millions of people. Given even a few oral stories, practically everyone on earth would hand down the identical set of stories assuming even a minimal level of intermarriage between different Jewish tribes.

By way of another example, Edward III of England (died at Westminster on 8 June 1376) -- by the year 2000 over 95% of the entire population of the United Kingdom was a DIRECT descendent of Edward III. So everyone would have carried that oral history. It is sobering to think that if one could go back to the 1300s and eliminate just a single person, almost none of the 68 million people of the UK (all of whom proudly carry that oral history) would exist. 

Dr Aubrey Blumsohn

Sheffield, UK


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