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Max Heffler

I agree with Dahn. I have been using Brother’s Keeper since DOS 3.3 before Windows. The developer is very responsive and corrects any issues quickly. I started it for free as Shareware and found so much value that I registered not long after. The only drawback is not being able to sync with my primary tree, or my secondary Ancestry and MyHeritage trees.


Max Heffler

Houston, TX


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I have been using Brother's Keeper. I do not know how long,

but I purchased it soon after the Pentium chip came out.


I like that I can download or print-to-pdf and link the files to

the person. There are many ways to document and add notes.


The program supports names in Hebrew, also various other names

can be entered in dedicated fields.


I do not like the tree chart output since the demise of the

dot-matrix printer. I use GED export to use a different



For support I write an email and the developer gets back to me

usually within a day. The program and database are completely



I have not tried most of the reports, but there are many.


For Hebrew, there are 2 option changes. If you have

jpg or png files and not a portrait, create a blank jpg in

Paint and put that as the first jpg file.


Dani Cukier


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I am looking to purchase a new Genealogy program compatible with Windows 10. I would like it to be able to make Family Trees for 8 to 10 generations with both ancestors and descendants. Making Family Group Charts is also needed. I also would like a place to record notes. And I would like it to show relationships. And be capable of putting children in order of age. And scan for duplicates and errors. A plus if it allows recording of same sex marriages. I don’t want to post on the Internet. A plus also if it can create a book from the information. Ease of use is a must. Can anyone recommend one they are happy with. Please reply privately. Thanks
Fred Seiss


Max Heffler
Houston, TX

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