Alternate locations for an Orthodox wedding/marriage ceremony in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania #usa

Marcia Segal


One set of my grandparents, both with families in Philadelphia, were married in the rabbi's office rather than in the main sanctuary (not sure if that's what the primary area of worship was called). Would there have been a precedent, or reason? There seems to be correspondence about when to have the wedding in the office, as opposed to why. Money wouldn't have been the issue, and one of my relatives has suggested that getting married in the rabbi's office was more customary than I would have thought. Any ideas? And FYI, she wasn't pregnant--the first child was born more than a year after they were married (and I have documentation for both dates).

Many thanks for kind insights.

Marcia Segal
(family names Caplan/Kaplan, Gomborov/Gomborow, Koppelman, Mergler, Segal, Siegel, Yankelovich)

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