Re: big city weddings in Orthodox families #hungary #general #lithuania #warsaw

Ittai Hershman

As it happens, I have a remarkable photograph of the ~1920 wedding of an Orthodox great-uncle who lived at the time in Vienna.  His bride's family was from Hungary, and the wedding occurred at the Zvonárska Street Synagogue in Košice (presumably to enable maximal family participation, as there seems to have not been any family connection on either side to Košice).  

[The union ultimately ended in divorce: he made Aliyah, she remarried and perished in the Shoah along with the son from their marriage, and a daughter from her second marriage.  But, I digress.  For her story, and that of her family, see Elaine Kalman Naves' "Journey to Vaja" (McGill, 1996).  As a further tangent, I was able to identify the location thanks to Dr. Maroš Borský, and since then the destroyed interior featured in Simon Schama's BBC series "The Story of the Jews" at the opening of Episode 4.]

Ittai Hershman,
New York City

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