Tabula registers in Lviv archives #galicia

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay

For years I have been up against a complete brick wall in finding
information about my grandmother's family in the town of Belz, which,
as far as I know, has no surviving Jewish BMD records. However,
recently I read an article in the Gesher Galicia website, written by
Alexander Dunai in 2006, discussing the tabula registers held in the
Lviv archives. Belz appears in the list of towns with such registers,
and in fact there is a notation that there are 15 volumes for Belz
(which seems a lot for a small town!).

I am hoping someone knowledgeable will be able to advise me how to
go about searching for information in those registers. What years are
covered in those 15 volumes for Belz? Are they indexed (in the Lviv
archives if not online)? Would the archivists in Lviv respond to a
search request (for a fee of course), or would I need to hire a private
researcher? To whom should I write with any request? I'd be very
grateful for any advice on what to do >from here.

Thanking you in advance,

Miriam Bulwar David-Hay
Raanana, Israel

P.S. In Belz I am researching the names FRENKIEL, VERLIEBTER and
MEIZELES, or any variations on those names.

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