Jezierzany & Surroundings Yizkor Book - Please Help! #galicia

Judy Brodkey

Dear Gesher Galicia SIG members -

It can leave a hole in your heart when you don't know where you came
from. For most of her life, my mother never knew where her ancestors
lived in Eastern Europe. At age 95, she finally learned the answer:
Jezierzany, Poland, a little shtetl in Galicia with a rich history and a
vibrant Jewish community. The residents of Jezierzany and surrounding
areas were determined, creative, hard-working and generous. They
cared about each other, their community and the well-being of others
around them. Eventually, Jewish Jezierzany was destroyed. However,
some of its residents and many of its descendants survived and have
continued to live inspiring lives.

Please help their spirit and stories live on through the Jezierzany &
Surroundings Yizkor Book.

We are launching a fundraising project to translate the Yizkor book for
Jezierzany & Surroundings into English. It was originally published in
Hebrew (and a little Yiddish) and includes writings by survivors. Once
translated, it will be available free of charge at You can
visit to view
the book's Table of Contents and a few sections that have already been

We need to raise approximately $18,000 to translate the remaining 450
pages of the book. Translation can begin after we receive $500 in
contributions; additional pages will be translated as JewishGen receives
more funds.

Dr. Avraham Bedor, one of the book's authors, wrote that the Jezierzany
& Surroundings Memorial Book "contains chapters about the vibrant life
and dramatic struggles of a small Jewish community that aspired to live,
open a window to the world and open the gates for human and national
redemption. It contains a rich gallery of interesting characters. It
includes a description of the fateful and tragic changes that occurred
during and between the two Worlds Wars. It tells the story of the lives of
generations of dreamers, fighters, pioneers and fence-breakers who
paved new roads -- for them and for us."

** Please donate today so their stories will be heard.**

Your tax deductible contribution can be made online at
Scroll down to Jezierzany and enter your donation amount there.
JewishGen has numerous Yizkor Book funds so make sure you fill in the
amount for Jezierzany.

If you prefer, you can send a check to JewishGen, Edmond J. Safra Plaza,
36 Battery Place, New York, NY 10280. Be sure to indicate that this is a
donation for the Jezierzany Memorial book. In order to ensure that your
donation is correctly credited to the Jezierzany fund, please also let me
know the amount of your contribution. The minimum allowable
contribution is $10.

Your donation will make a difference. Every single dollar you contribute
corresponds to the number of words and pages we will be able to
translate and bring to life.

** In every generation, we tell the story. **

Each year on Passover, we are instructed to tell the story of our
ancestors' journey out of Egypt, lest we forget where we came >from and
the lessons learned along the way. Our ancestors >from Jezierzany and
surrounding areas have another precious story that deserves to be fully
shared. Your generosity can make this happen.

Please share this message with friends and family members interested
in Jezierzany and nearby towns. The success of this project depends on
those of us with ancestors and relatives >from Jezierzany and other
surrounding towns and villages in Galicia. Help spread the word!

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact me at

Thank you very much.

PS -"When our hearts turn toward our ancestors, something changes
inside of us. We feel part of something greater than ourselves."
- Russell M. Nelson.

Shalom -

Judy Brodkey
Portland, Oregon USA

MODERATOR NOTE: Nearby towns mentioned in the book's Table of
Contents: Bil'che-Zlote, Kozachizna, Lanovtse (Lanovtsy), Leshkovitz
(Ulashkivtsi), Libitshok (Glubochek), Pilatkowce (Pilatkovtsy),
Shershinovitz (Shersheniovtse), Zhilinitz (Zelin'tse), Zwiahel (Zvihel).

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