Trying to Make Sense of a Jewish Welfare Board, War Correspondence Entry #records

Eric Ellman


I do not understand what's going on in an entry for the Jewish Welfare Board, War Correspondence Entry.  Can someone help?  The docs concern Max Ellman (1890-1963)

Max Ellman, Army No. 1907079; Beneficiary, Selke Ellman (daughter); c/o Etel Tsiril Schwartz (grandmother and guardian), Saratov, Russia; Nature of Claim, Allotment and Allowance; Located through information given by [Max or Mrs.] Ellman; Allotment and allowance due to daughter was recent settled by check upon forwarding proper papers to Veterans Bureau; case closed.

Comments and questions:
(1) I have a vague idea of what's going on here, but I can use some more help?;
(2) What year might this record be from?  According to Max's headstone application, Max enlisted 9/19/17 and was discharged 9/27/19;
(3) Max Ellman was from Minkovitz, Ukraine in the Kamyanets, Podilsky. He married his wife, Rachel (or Jennie) there in 1912 and immigrated to New York in 1913.  Sartov is light-years (1,600 mi.) from Minkovitz so that seems strange to me.  I have a high degree of confidence I have the right Max Ellman since the Army serial number on the JWB document matches the Army serial number on the headstone application in 1963 and the headstone application matches everything I know about Max.  Nu?
(4) On Max's petition for naturalization in 1925 (I know this is the right Max), he lists a son, Soloman, but no daughter.  I could not find Max on the manifest. The 1930 and 1940 censuses (Brooklyn) lists a daughter, Bessie (b. 1924), but no son.  I found no census info for 1915 or 1920.


Eric J. Ellman
N. Bethesda, MD


Searching: COHEN (London), COIRA, (Minkovsty, Ukr.), ELLMAN (Minkovsty, Ukraine), FAGIN (Dvinsk, Latvia), GREENBERG (Rzeszów, Galicia), GRUDMAN/GRUBMAN (Kedainiai, Lit./Riga, Lat.), KOTZEN (Riga, Lat./Birzhay, Lit.), KREIGER (Riga, Lat./Kedainiai, Lith.), LUFFER, ((Riga, Lat./Birzhay, Lit.), MAIDMAN (Minkovsty, Ukr),ROSENBERG (Lomza/Nowogrod, Poland), STORCH/STOCK (Rzeszów, Galacia), STERN (Narajow/Narayiv, Galicia), SZRENZIL (Narajow/Narayiv, Galicia), WYSZYNSKI (Mlawa, Poland)

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