Re: Glïckstadt - portuguese jews to Emden #germany #scandinavia #sephardic


Hi Joelle,

It's interesting, I was actually doing some research into Emden (and OstFriesland more generally) these past few days.
Perhaps you already know the work of Max Markreich (archived at Leo Baeck Institute) on this area ? If not I recommend you look at it, it's of general interest for all those researching these areas.

By the way here is an interesting resource that indexes the names in his work

This is another excellent resource on the region of Groningen, in which I believe there are cross-border family links with the Emden area.

Also Familysearch has many records on residents in Emden
Burger Buch 1512- :
Zivilstandregister 1494- :

For Gluckstadt (but not online):
BurgerBuch (1620-) :

Hope you find what you're looking for !

Best Regards from Paris
Daniel Mayer

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