Re: How to find record that states "Lewin 'Birth Records'" see enclosed pdf #unitedkingdom #general

Jocelyn Keene

Did you ever get your question answered?  I usually don't try to answer questions because by the time I get the daily digest, most of the questions have long been answered.  But I noticed your question and that I know the answer however as of yet I haven't seen it be answered.
The Lewin "Birth Records" is one of an excellent set of book with translations and tabulations of vital records recorded by London Ashkenazi synagogues and subsequently filmed by FamilySearch.  One of these, published in 2008, was "Birth Records of the Great & Hambro Synagogues London".  The record you have flagged appears there and you probably found it in a website, perhaps SynagogueScribes, that uses these published books.  The other Lewin books are "Marriage Records of the Great Synagogue London, 1791-1885" (2004); "Birth Records of the New Synagogue & Marriage Records of the New & Hambro Synagogues London" (2010); and "Burial Records of the Great & Hambro Synagogues - London, 1791-1837" (2013). I highly recommend these books for anyone with Ashkenazi Anglo-Jewish ancestry. There is also a separate set (not by the Lewins) available from the S&P Synagogues for Sephardic ancestry.  
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Jocelyn Keene
Pasadena, California

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