Re: New researcher (though longtime follower of Gesher Galicia) asking for advice (Solotwina and Rozniatow) #galicia

Mark Halpern

Dear David:

Unfortunately, the Jewish vital records for Rozniatow have not survived.
However, if you search the Routes to Roots Foundation Archival
Inventory, you will find other
sources for Jewish research in Rozniatow.

The situation is different for Solotwina. The records >from before WWI
were destroyed during the War, but vital records covering years 1916 to
1931 do survive. The marriages and deaths for those years are now
being indexed by Jewish Records Indexing - Poland. JRI-Poland is an
independent organization not directly affiliated with JewishGen. Our
website and database at are hosted by
JewishGen. If you are interested in these Solotwina marriage and death
records, please contact me privately. There are a few Solotwina
sources (not vital records) already on the All Galicia Database. As
mentioned for Rozniatow, there are also other sources for Jewish
research for Solotwina that can be found by searching the Routes to
Roots Foundation Archival inventory.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator

David Levine <> wrote:

... My maternal grandmother's family came >from the following two towns:
- Rozniatow in Dolina administrative district
- Solotwina in Bohorodczany administrative district
It does not seem that records for these two towns survived the war or
the aftermath. I do not see them listed in any of the sources on
Gesher Galicia or JewishGen. I have information that my grandmother
provided but have not been able to confirm it or add to it....

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