Re: looking for any relatives. Listed on my birth certificate is George White and Irene Arrow from San Francisco, California. I was adopted #usa


Dear Cole                                                                           2nd March 2021

First of all, I wish you success, to be able to discover your biological parents and connect with  them,  their descendants , if any.

Sadly you are not alone, who have no alternative but to navigate this extremely sensitive journey.

I wonder, may I  politely suggest to research not only the family name  White, but Weisz/Weiss as well.

I am aware many Weisz/Weiss  families changed their surname to White.  

Also, I came across often Iren--the Jewish name is Rifka 

As for Estelle,( La May)  I wonder, it might be Esther--I call my grand-daughter, Esty--Estelle etc.

Please try to allocate time and check not only secular but Jewish Synagogue--birth marriage death--cemetery records

Best wishes and good luck
Veronika Pachtinger
London UK

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