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Diane Jacobs

I think it depends on what info you have and what they know of their own family.

I have had a lot of success meeting distant relatives in person or by telephone after tracing them.  I have been to Sydney, London, Halifax, and Tel Aviv to meet family.

I just found descendants thru Yad Vashem
testimony who welcomed me with open arms after I left phone messages.  These people are distantly related to me thru the siblings of my great grandfather who left Vilna in 1888 for

Basically the only person who never got in touch with me but who I am very closely related to was someone very wealthy, well known and has been in the news. I actually know a tremendous amount about his family
and the other very wealthy and famous people
he is related to.

C’est la vie!

Diane Jacobs

On Mar 2, 2021, at 5:50 AM, Kenneth Ryesky <kenneth.ryesky@...> wrote:

My batting average is well below .500 for people who do not have any sort of presence on genealogy websites.  And even of those on the genealogy websites there still are some non-responses.

There are exceptions both ways, of course.  But the fact is that while genealogy is a very popular thing, a majority of the population simply is not interested.

-- KHR
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