Bohuss Neamta, Romania & Canada to US border crossing question #romania #canada #usa


My great-aunt Sarah COLLE Goldner traveled  from  Montreal to the United States in 1937 to visit her married daughter. She reported on the border-crossing document that she was born in 1886 in BOHUSS NEAMTA, Romania. I can't locate a town by that name in Romania. Can someone tell me what it is called today and where it is located in Romania?

Also, her border-crossing document to visit her daughter in the U.S. lists a Leon Hu under "Departure Contact Name" and  Jacob So under "Accompanied by Name." Those names are not our family names and are unfamiliar to me. It is curious that she listed someone unrelated to her (Leon Hu) as her departure contact rather than a family member. She was married with grown children and living in Montreal with her husband. It is probably unknowable, but maybe someone has an idea.  
Anne Lobel Armel

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