Re: How Weird Are We? #general


I spent the first year wondering why some replied, some didn't and then I thought about it again and realised that I'd evolved into this at a speed I wasn't able to fathom myself! After getting a DNA test to see where my ancestors came from. I had no idea I'd be messaging people nor be 'a dog with a bone' English phrase not sure about anywhere else. I think I read somewhere that 1 in 5 were into Genealogy?

I have given a lot of my life to my hobby and quest. At RootsTech a speaker made me laugh out loud and actually everyone else in the room when he said 'stalk them', to get results, he was magical. All I can say is, keep trying, sit and think about how to write the best message you can to get results - anything rushed can sound a bit too desperate, anything too wordy and full on can also be a put off for the person trying to read it and understand what you are saying. Sometimes you have to leave someone alone for a while, you don't know their journeys they may be frantically going through records and actually in contact with many leads that you don't know about. Sometimes they may work 24/7 and just using it when they can. Some may have just got their DNA test taken for a reason other than trees and Ancestry work. I have spent a lot time analysing the rude ones who read your message and never reply 😃, but relax and let it happen and just put out as many as you can and pray at least one juicy one will come back.

Mandy Molava 
Researching Brest Belarus Galacia.... and now Kyiv   

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