Re: How Weird Are We? #general


My wife's father died when she was 15 and did not have much contact with her father's family.  She is now over 70.  Recently she was contacted by a first cousin who had just found out about the relationship.  Her mother had forged her birth certificate listing a man who lived with her mother for the first six years of her life as her father.  She wanted to do some genealogical research and asked for a detailed copy of her birth certificate.  She found out that her father was really my wife's uncle.  We had some e-mail correspondence and had a few zoom calls with her, her daughter, another first cousin and a few second cousins.  We are still corresponding and may eventually meet in person.  She is in New York and we are in Pittsburgh, where she lived for a while in the 90's.  This situation is unusual but not at all weird.

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