Re: Olitsky vs Oblitsky - is this my great grandfather on ship list? #names #records


Hi Michele, 

Although i am not an expert (just an amateur genealogist) here are some observations regarding your post:

A) the Hirsch Ablitzki,  who sailed from Hamburg on June 3rd, 1893 arrived in NYC on June 19, 1893,  is definitely  the same man who,  apparently,  continued his trip to Baltimore. That was his final destination. I have encountered  this situation (two passenger lists for same person) again. 

B) the two documents you have uploaded contain contradicting information . Birth year according to the naturalization papers was 1871. According to the passport application 1870.  Kaiser Wilhelm, the ship that he claimed he arrived on, was sailing from Bremen and not Hamburg. That means that, either the name of the ship was wrong , or the name of the  port  was wrong (or both). The same problem applies for the arrival year. It could have been 1893, 1892 or neither of them (although unlikely). 1893 appeared also in the 1905 and 1910 censuses while in the 1900 census he gave 1890(!).

Interesting(?)  detail;  when Harry Olitsky arrived from his trip in Europe in 1908,  he sailed from Bremen, on the s/s Kaiser Wilhelm. Perhaps he had in mind this specific ship when he applied for his passport, and gave that ship as the one that brought him to America. 

Unfortunately, i don't believe there is a definite yes or no to your question (at least I cannot give one). The Hirsch Oblitsky that arrived in 1893, although he had a different birth year (1872) and his destination was Philadelphia, could have been your great grandfather. In his passport application he claimed that he had lived in New Jersey since his arrival in 1893 but this proves nothing.
To show you how tricky this can be, I will give you an example :
There is an Abram Litzki, born in 1870 in Poland /Russia (not in Suwalki) who sailed from Hamburg on May 10th, 1890. As you probably have noticed the date (May 10) is the one that appears in Harris's passport application. If this man was also from Suwalki or an unidentified place,  it would not have been easy to completely  reject the possibility,  that this was your great grandfather. 

Hope I helped you somehow. 
Giannis Daropoulos 


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