Re: Departure from Poland to France, for political reasons #poland


Hi Virginie,

On the data base there is an Isaac Wenglinski born 1887. This would put him at an age of 26 when he left for France. From research of my family about this time in Poland many young people of this age were fully active in political organisations particularly communist / socialist / zionist or any combination of these.

Searching a bit further there is a French Memorial of the Shoah website which has a tiny bit more information but the most significant bit is his place of birth ... Piotrkow,


and you can see his parent's names. On this page is a box on the right where you can contact them for further information.

There is also a Hinde Wenglinski same year of birth . His wife ?

With the parents name of both it may be possible to research the family further

Sadly as you can see both were sent to Auschwitz on Convoy 57 which would have been on July 18 1943.





PS .... a long shot, but it has worked for me in the past and that is to do a google search for " Wenglinski France  / francais"or any combination with other French words and you may come up with a descendant and then try to make contact. I found a lost family section in France this way. e.g. Try  Sandrine Wenglenski  here

you never know ...

Jeff Kutcher
Family Research:
Kutscher - Jaroslaw 
Zmidek - Chmielnik, Warsaw 
Litman - Lodz
Szklarek -Gombin

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