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Good day, Dan Martin here
I reply private to avoid unneeded extraneous interlopers.

Through the familysearch/ancestry standard search you will have the year of marriage and license number.

If the license itself is not on the "Records" tab, select the tab below "Image"

Insert "Philadelphia, PA, USA" in the "Place" location and then "Show More Search Options"
Insert the year in the "Date" location and then click on the year as shown by
Under the pull down menu select "Marriage".

Several types of records will come up, Marriage Indexes, Marriage License Indexes, Marriage Records Indexes and Marriage Records.
It is the Marriage Records you want.  Figure about 30 files in total.  They usually have about 1000-2000 images per file.

Since I have done it many times, I usually select the first four marriage records to open. 
If the first few pages have a scanning record, the first license number will be identified in the record.  If not look at the first few records and the returned clergy form has the license number stamped.  The licenses are filed in sequential numbers.  There are about 250-500 marriages per file.
If your number is close, look at the last license in the file to see if it would be in the file.
If not, go to the next file you have opened.  If the record you seek is not in the first four files, close them and open next four "Marriage Record".  Please note that they are not in sequential order.

Rinse and repeat.

Upon finding, download each page as a jpg image to your computer. 

Once you remember how to do it, It takes about 5 minutes to obtain the records.  For something that it not easily available anywhere else, well worth it.

Wishing you peace and safety
Dan Martin
Delanco, NJ

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