Re: How Weird Are We? #general March 1st #general

Shelley Mitchell

It’s so interesting to read the many reactions we Muggles get. I started my Family Tree to see if I could find descendants of my maternal grandmother. With the exception of 2 brothers who made it to Shanghai, nothing was known of them after the Holocaust. I really wanted to make contact them. Over time, I added my 3 other grandparents and turned it into 2 trees. I diligently learned and spent money to get documents to reinforce the connections. The DNA world was a bonus. I had relatives on both sides of my family to separate my results. One of the best lessons I learned from contacting people and being contacted is that if one side of the conversation has no real tree, and don’t fit neatly into yours, you will be disappointed. I’ve met several wonderful people who became long distance good friends. That enriches my life. But I am still determined to my find my Terners, and Goldscheins from Kolomea, and my Platz’s from Delaytn. 

Shelley Mitchell, NYC

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