Looking for Greenberg Family Members from Lithuania that moved to New York, USA around 1900. #usa #lithuania

Sharon Ann Dror

Is there anyone on this page that have family members that knew Arthur Penn and Irving Penn's mother Sonia Freda's family? Her maiden name was Greenberg. Born in 1894 in Novo Alexandrovsk, Russia - Lithuania. She moved to the USA in 1910 and joined her brother in NY. who was 4 years older than Sonia.

I am trying to find out her brother's name and family if any...

Sonia married to Harry Tzvi Penn in Manhattan, NY on March 27, 1916. They have two sons: Arthur and Irving. Divorced.

Her son Arthur Penn published several books and mentions Sonia came to America in 1910 and stayed with her brother. Then she married Harry Penn in 1916. Had two sons - Arthur in 1917 and Irving in 1922. Divorced in 1925.

Remarried to Meyer Helfand in 1940. She died on Sept 18, 1979. And Meyer died on July 6, 1973. They are buried together at Mount Moriah in Fairview, NJ.

Irving and Arthur’s books do not mention any relative names, only his mother Sonia and father Harry.

Sonia wrote a 100 page journal in 1960 and there are no family names mentioned. Only says my brother .... my mother... uncle and aunt.... etc no individual names.

There is a Chaim Greenberg that married to Cecilia Feinberg and they have one daughter Doris Salameth Greenberg. Doris got married to Sidney Rosenberg. I have all details on Cecilia attending the Temple University's Dentistry School. I have contacts with Doris' granddaughters. They did not know Chaim at all. They immigrated from Lithuania or Russia to New York. Chaim and Cecilia got divorced. I would love to get details on Chaim Greenberg. 

So there is Chaim and Sonia - I suspect Chaim is Sonia's uncle. Per Sonia's marriage certificate to Harry Penn, her father is Mosche Greenberg and mother is Tauve Mesimik. I was told both were killed in the Holocaust. 

Sharon Ann Dror 

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