Re: Looking for Greenberg Family Members from Lithuania that moved to New York, USA around 1900. #usa #lithuania


Hi Sharon, 

Here are some documents regarding your post:

A) Sonia Greenberg passenger list, destination nyc to her uncle Chaim Greenberg, living behind her father Moische

B) I believe that her brother was Joseph Greenberg (1889-1945), married to Sarah Tabres (in 1915)

C) his death record (although his mother's maiden name is wrong, it is undoubtedly the same person)

D) his WWI draft card (born in Kovno gubernia)

E) his WWii draft card (born in Novoalexanrov)

F) Joseph's naturalisation documents (although he gave as birth place Novogrudok, Minsk I believe it is the same person)

G) his arrival documents (his destination was nyc to his uncle C. D. Greenberg)

H) Joseph and Sarah had two children a son named Edward /Edwin, born in 1918 or 1919 and a daughter Rosalind who unfortunately died in infancy (17 months)

I hope that all these will be helpful to your research 

Giannis Daropoulos 


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