Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk - an enquiry regarding the 1900 census conducted in the city by the Austro-Hungarians #galicia #ukraine

Avi Bitron

Before the well known and meticulously translated 1939 census, conducted in Stanislawow/Ivano-Frankivsk by the Polish government, there were 2 other censuses - one in 1857 and another one in 1900 - both conducted by the Autron-Hungarians. The two full censuses can be found at the archives of Ivano Frnakivsk (DAIFO) as well as at the CAHJP in Jerusalem.

The 1900 census - beautifully and clearly preserved, was conducted according to the house numbers in town. During that period, the street system was about to be introduced and all the houses in town (more than 400 of them) were numbered. The census started at house no. 1 and continued in an orderly manner.

For some unknown reason, some of the houses are not mentioned in the census. For example, after house no. 74 comes house no. 77. I was looking for house no. 76, I went through the full length of the census but could not find any details or reason why the data skips those houses (which definitely existed). Unfortunately for me, these were the houses I was looking for.

Would anyone have a clue why is that? alternatively, would anyone have an idea whom to ask about that?

For your convenience, I include the relevant page. You can clearly see that after 74 2/4 come 77 2/4. 

Thank you very much

Avi Chari

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