Re: UK-Northern Ireland 2021 Census Ignoring Minority Religions; Scotland 2022 Census and How to List Ethnicity as Jewish #unitedkingdom #general #records

Michael Sharp

Due to a recent BBC programme there has been much debate in the media over whether Jews are a minority ethnic community in the UK.

The lists of ethnicity on government forms are not intended to be comprehensive due to the sheer number of ethnic communities, and there is an 'other' category if respondents wish to use it.

Jews are recognised as a protected ethnicity in UK equality legislation and the reason stated for not listing Jewish as an ethnicity on census forms is recognising a sensitivity related to the Holocaust on the number of Jews being explicitly counted by the state and the religious affiliation of individuals being recorded by name.

In addition, it must be accepted that some Jews in Britain consider themselves as British first and Jewish second, not the other way around,

There is a risk of wokeness in the discussion taking place about the census forms. To list and provide checkboxes for every single ethnicity in the UK would take several pages. A line should be drawn under the discussion.
Michael Sharp
Manchester UK

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