question about requesting records from the Polish archives and Polish privacy laws #poland

Lina Goldberg

I was searching and found a listing of a new record for my very unique family name, MIEDZIANOGORA. I ordered it from the archive, and just got an email from the archive asking what my purpose in ordering it was, and if it was genealogical, what my relationship was to the people involved. Now these records are no longer listed on and the pages they were on returned an error message. 
The archive index for this record said: Dawid FASZCZAK for confirmation of the death of Józef Miedzianagore Call number 12/927/0/2/1/417 Dates 1948 - 1948 State Archives State Archives in Katowice Team Court of the Town in Dąbrowa Górnicza
Józef Miedzianagora was a toddler, and both he and his parents died in the Holocaust. He was their only child. He was my second cousin twice removed (and David Faszczak was his grandfather). 
I'm not 100% certain of Polish privacy laws, but I have read that there's a 100-year-ban releasing many records except to direct family (parents, siblings, and children). However, I have requested Holocaust-era records from the Radom archive and got them without an issue. So is this a correct interpretation of Polish privacy laws by the archive? Are Holocaust-era records really closed for 100 years if the subject didn't have children to request the record?

Lina Goldberg

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