OMG, Another COHEN Search! #usa


OK Guys - have another COHEN to uncover: David (no known middle name) COHEN,
b: October 15, 1888, Lithuania, or “Russia”.

Around 1917 he lived at 1525 S. Hamlin Ave, in Chicago, and appears as a
witness on my BLUMENTHAL father’s naturalization form. So THAT act should
mean something in terms of a connection - like my father didn’t just go grab
someone off the sidewalk and induct them into witness-ship, right?

My father’s mother (my grandmother) is a COHEN, and, of course, I wonder if
David is someone from a previously unknown cousin line. So far, I haven’t
found one.

The name “Henry J. BARNETT" also appears on the form, but I haven’t yet
begun a search on him.

The correct David COHEN appears on several census, but none of the names in
his family have connectable meaning for me (yet).

Isn’t this fun?

Sandi (Blumenthal) Root

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