Re: Vilna Gordons with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM)? #dna

Richard Gordon

Good Morning Jay,

Most of my family have survived into their nineties so probably do not suffer from hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy. I’m very sorry to hear that your family does. 
I am searching, in vain so far, for
my grandfather’s family. He left Libau c1884 for Ireland.
I’m not convinced that those listed below are related to me but their details are as follows:
Davids Gordons born 16/12/1908 Liepāja, son of Sroels and Leja, died 29/01/1939 in Vilna
of liver & lung cancer (whilst my grandfather died here, Northern Ireland 1946, of 
carcinoma of the bladder.)
Death notified by Leo Gordons, son.
Jette Gordons born 1887, Liepāja, lived in Riga. Don’t know relationship between Jette 
and Davids but his death certificate is included in her file.

Richard Gordon.
Londonderry, NI, UK

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