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Wikipedia’s article on Podolia includes the following:
“The area of Podolia between the Southern Bug below Vinnytsia and the Dniester was occupied by Axis Romania as part of Transnistria.”

If the town and year fit, it could be Romanian!

Not likely, you are referring to the Romanian occupation of the area during WWII (June 1941-Aug 1944), where most of the Jewish population was murdered.
My guess is the move occurred before the fall of the Russian Empire or shortly after, as there are references to Podolia, which was the Podolia governorate. Governorates, as administrative units, ceased to exist in 1925.
But it definitely would have been helpful for the original message to include the timeframe, instead of everyone guessing when and where.  Based on the comments, it appears that there are multiple documents, including a census, so something about the timeframe of moving from Medzhibozh, Podolia should definitely be known (before WWI, interwar, after WWII, etc).

Mike Vayser

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