Volkovysk/Vawkavysk, Belarus pre-1900, surnames Henkowitz (Genkovich), Solodavnitz (Solodovnik) #belarus

Ron Henkoff

My paternal grandfather's family traces back to 19th century Volkovysk, Russia, which is now called Vawkavysk and is in Belarus. The family relocated to Grodek (Horodok), Poland in the 1880s or 1890s. I have found some census records on Ancestry.com but nothing else. I have English versions of the three Volkovysk yizkor books but there is no mention of my ancestors. There are, however, mentions of a Solodovnik family, which may have been related to my great-grandmother, Deborah Solodavnitz Henkowitz, who was married to Isaac Henkowitz. Any information on any families living in 19th century Volkovysk would be much appreciated, also any suggestions on other places to search for records. Finally, does anyone know about any other families that migrated from Volkovysk to Grodek in the late 1800s?
Ron Henkoff
Westport, Connecticut, USA

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